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Ming Pao Weekly

Ming Pao Weekly is a highly renowned media brand in Hong Kong.  Firstly launched in 1968 as a weekly magazine, it has since expanded its content offerings to include digital and video platforms.  Ming Pao Weekly covers a broad spectrum of topics, including entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, art, culture, and society.  It has earned a reputation for its high-quality journalism and in-depth reporting, delivering a diverse range of information to readers with a unique perspective. With its extensive coverage and commitment to excellence, Ming Pao Weekly remains a popular and respected source of news and insights in Hong Kong.


MING'S, an influential fashion and lifestyle title in Hong Kong, first launched in 2014 as a monthly supplement of Ming Pao Weekly and then independently published in 2018.  Known for its comprehensive coverage of fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends, Ming's has become a prominent source of stylish and high-quality content.  It offers a unique blend of creativity and sophistication, reaching its readers through print, website, social media, and video channels.

TopGear HK

TopGearis a highly popular automobile and lifestyle brand in Hong Kong, backed by international editorial support.  In collaboration with BBC TopGear, it inherits the unique style characterized by interesting topics and a humorous presentation approach.  TopGear Hong Kong is renowned for its visually stunning cinematography, exceptional production values and unique views.

TopGear Taiwan

TopGear Taiwan was launched, following the success of TopGear Hong Kong.  It features exclusive licensed content from BBC TopGear, along with locally developed articles and videos created by the editorial team in Taiwan.  TopGear Taiwan maintains the fun and playful style that the brand is known for, providing entertaining and engaging content to its followers.

MingWatch HK

Ming Watch Hong Kong is a reputable watch and lifestyle title in Hong Kong, providing readers with high-quality feature stories and the latest trends in the watch industry. It stands out by offering readers an unparalleled visual experience through captivating and distinctive styles. Ming Watch Hong Kong reaches its readers through various platforms, including print, website, social media, and video channels.

MingWatch Taiwan

Ming Watch Taiwan is an extension of Ming Watch Hong Kong in Taiwan.  It covers a wide range of content, including watches and men's lifestyle products.  Similar to Ming Watch Hong Kong, Ming Watch Taiwan is accessible through multiple platforms, ensuring its content reaches a wide readership.

Searching B


Searching B is a content-driven online shopping platform jointly founded with Searching C Company Limited, an innovative e-commerce company in Asia.  Its primary focus is on curating high-quality and trendy beauty products from around the world and making them accessible to local consumers at competitive prices. With a strong emphasis on delivering value and staying ahead of trends, Searching B aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for beauty enthusiasts.

ST Productions Limited


ST Productions is an artiste management and event production company under the Group. Established in 2015, it specializes in artiste management, music publishing, movie production, concert production, and event promotion. With a diverse range of services, ST Productions is dedicated to supporting and promoting talented artistes in various fields of the entertainment industry.